My Cats Love Chewy

Time for another review. . .

Weruva Paw-Lickin' Freeze-Dried-Chicken Treats.

Mercy, do they like these!  I got the shipment yesterday, and the carton is already half-empty.  The treats are bite-sized, and there is no odor, and no stickiness on your fingers.  The only one who didn't gobble a treat down was Madeleine, who may be so used to her diabetic diet now that other things don't have much appeal.  But the other three wonder if these come in any larger containers!

Once again, Chewy sends me products of my choosing each month for an in-home trial.  Absolutely no money is involved, and my reviews are my honest opinions of the product(s).

I have to admit, I cheated a little bit on the second product we have to try.  It's something that I've given the cats in the past, and they devoured it.  There will be another rave review in a day or two, unless there has been significant change in some palates.


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