As my therapist and I begin to deal with the possibility of my moving out of Athens, my "homework" between sessions is to clean out and clean one room.  My first room is the kitchen.  For a week, things were going gangbusters.  I was throwing out some things, putting others aside for a yard sale, consolidating cabinets and drawers.  Then yesterday, I had neither drive nor desire to do anything else.  Hopefully, the urge will return.

My daughter will be moving soon;  she's found a cheaper place.  Poor Klunk --- it will be the sixth 
place he's lived.  As you can see, he's a bundle of nerves at the prospect.

We had a beautiful rainbow here yesterday, after a pounding rain.  There have been those sudden 
storms all week.  They haven't done a lot to cool things down, but they're a joy to listen to.


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