When I said I sort of cheated on this Chewy review, it's because I already knew what the verdict was going to be on these Bonito flakes.

Riley came to us with her toys and litter box and papers and a cannister of Cat-Man-Doo flakes.  For a while there, before she got used to living here, they were just about all she would eat.  Then, the other cats picked up on the fish scent when I put them out for her, and, before I knew it, they were all listening for that top to come off the cannister.  Are you familiar with the cat stampede phenomenon?

So, I could have written this review on the day I asked for the sample.  Still, let me make it clear that my cats adore these.

Also let me make clear that I receive no monetary compensation from for my reviews.  They are based on my own experiences with their products, and are honest reflections thereof.


  1. I haven't tried these, but I did buy flaky treats the one time for our kitties, and they looked at me like I was trying to kill them. Cats. Go figure.

  2. We have dog stampedes here when DH rattles the treat can. One cat usually strolls over, too, and politely asks for a tiny piece.

  3. They are so flaky though. MIne love them too. I just dont like how they roll away under things and I think they smell then...


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