Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Day Late. . .

. . .and a dollar short.
That was one of my Daddy's go-to phrases.  Another one was, "The good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise."  Southern, much?

Kathy's weekly questions are as follows:
*You are getting yarn in the mail today as a gift.
Tell us about it.
First of all, there's enough of it to make one of the sweater/coat projects I like.  Therefore, it's most likely DK weight.  It's heathered grey tweed with purple and blue undertones.

*You are knitting poolside.
What do you order from the cabana boy?
Can I order two things?  A personal fan and an ice cold Dr Pepper.

*You are asked to give a 5 minute presentation about any aspect of knitting at all. What is your topic?
The social aspects.  

*You can ask for a knitter to finish any of your WIP
Which one is it ?
Wow. . .  This is the toughest question yet.  Does the "one" refer to the knitter or the WIP?

*You take good care of your hands.
Are your nails long or short?
At the moment, they're short.  They were long about a week ago, but then one broke, and I trimmed them all down to the same length.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I just assumed it would be the WIP, in the question above. There'd be plenty of people I'd want to choose otherwise. ;-)

    I wish I could see your sweater from the gift yarn, it sounds perfect.


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