Things That Make Me Go "Hmmmm."

Ten on Tuesday this week is "Ten Things You're Curious About."  Here we go!

1.  What it's like to have a sibling.
2.  What has happened to the boy I had the mega-crush on in high school.
3.  What Abraham Lincoln's voice sounded like.
4.  What Harpo Marx's voice sounded like.
5.  Whether snakes move by pushing their bodies or pulling them.
6.  How they get the sticky stuff to stick to one side of the tape.
7.  Why I can't think of more than seven things I'm curious about.

(Posting today because I somehow let yesterday get away.  Sorry!)


  1. I often wonder what people's voices sounded like. I've read that Lincoln's was "reedy" whatever that means.

    Maybe you could be like the kid who came into the library once and asked if we had any recordings of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address (true story) ...

  2. hahaha I like your snake thoughts!


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