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This house has a peculiar closet arrangement.  The main bedroom, downstairs, has one small closet and one even smaller closet.  The even smaller one is tucked in under the staircase.  If you could walk into it, you wouldn't be able to stand full up.  It's held my shoes and what crafting supplies would fit since Dale and I moved in.  Dale's clothes, ties and shoes went into the other closet, and I kept mine in the closet in what was to become Hannah's room.

The biggest closet in the house is in Briton's room.  You can walk in, spin around. do calisthentics. . .  When he and Hannah were little, they each had those play tents with characters on them;  you could set up one of them in Briton's closet and still have some room. 

I've been cleaning out the main closet in the main bedroom today.  All my clothes are in there now, along with several things I brought from my parents' house, plus clothes and shoes of Dale's and Daddy's that I can't bring myself to part with.  Most of the floor is taken up by my scarves and shawls.  I didn't have any idea how many I had until I pulled them all out today and piled them on the bed.  

Man.  SO many scarves and shawls.  A lot that I had completely forgotten about having made.  I'm trying to sort them out into Ones That I Will Keep and Wear, and Ones That Hannah Might Want.

Do any of you need a scarf or two?  I'm willing to bet I've got one in your preferred color (unless your preferred color is orange.)  They will have cat and dog hair on them, so, if you're allergic. . .


  1. Closet cleaning is always a revelation for me. However, it sounds like yours was at least a good one! I tend to find things that I have no idea how/why/what they are there ... ;-)

  2. Aww I cannot imagine NOT keeping some of Fireman's shoes. You just keep what you want.
    I donate the many scarves I've knit and had when I tire of them. Chicagoans always need scarves for the homeless in our brutal winters.


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