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Now I'm Hungry for Ice Cream. Or Frozen Custard.

1. Do you prefer:
frozen custard
hardpack ice cream
soft serve ice cream
Shaved ice 
I've been on a serious frozen custard run for the last couple of months, but, ultimately, I like soft serve.  With hardpack ice cream, and with custard, I moosh it around in the bowl until it's soft.

2. Of all the colors of the rainbow, which is your favorite? 
Purple.  Always purple.

3. How do you keep your sock needles together? 
Because of my ineptitude with double-points, my sock needles are my regular needles.  No special  organization needed.

4. If you could run through a knit shop and pull as much of ONE yarn as you could carry, what would it be?
Noro.  Always Noro.

5.  Are you over shawls?
Not at all.  Some of most gorgeous knitting I've ever seen has been in shawls.  Plus, the range of shapes and patterns is astounding.

6.Do your peonies open with or without ants?
I don't have peonies, but my gardenias are usually aswarm with ants.

7. As a young girl I loved the book Charlotte's Web.  Want to share your favorites?
Black Beauty.  The Bobbsey Twins.  The Snowy Day.

 8.  Is it nothing but boring to you to knit stockinette? 
or do you love it like me?
I don't mind it.  It's great for watching TV or DVDs to.

9.  Are you more likely to get up early in summer or winter?
I've never noticed a difference.

If you are disappointed with the way a yarn pooling  is working up,
do you:
a. Carry on
b. Mix it with a complimentary color
c. overdye it
d. give it away 
Carry on.  I don't mind pooling at all.  In fact, sometimes I get disappointed when there isn't pooling!


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