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Hannah's medical bills have come in.  All at once.  Seven of them.

I've been drinking Gatorade to negate as many of the heat-spawned headaches as possible, and today I tried a new flavor, Green Apple.
It reminds me of Jolly Rancher Green Apple candies, which is a very good thing.

As much as I like polishing my nails, taking polish off has always been a chore.  I recently found out about this:
It's peelable base coat.  So ingenious.  And it works beautifully --- sometimes a little too well.  I can look down and see that one nail is naked;  the polish has peeled right off.  I can't see myself ever being without this again.


  1. Ah yes, medical bills. Always such a joy, and always so reasonable. HA!

    All Gatorade is just too sweet for me, so even though I like Jolly Ranchers, I'm just gonna take your word on that. :-)

    Peelable base coat would be a bad idea for me. Something else to pick/peel when I'm nervous or bored. I'm actually trying to think of ways NOT to do that ...

  2. I'm sure this goes without saying but check them carefully. Once I was billed for someone else's entire procedure. Good times!


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