A Chewy Review, et al.

This month, the cats got to try out 
Whole Earth Farms chicken recipe.  The smaller cans work very well for me --- Erin and Lily can each get a serving without my wondering, "Is this really half?" on the larger cans.  Too, as they are both double-digit-ages, I was excited to see that the food is cut into very small, very manageable bites.

The verdict?  One paw up, one paw sort of sideways.  Lily eats this with relish.  Chicken is her meat of choice, and this did not disappoint.  Erin, on the other hand, was not particularly taken with it.  When one can I opened had a significant amount of gravy inside, she downed that heartily.  But the meat didn't seem to appeal to her.

Chewy.com allows me, under its Blogger Referral program, to receive and test pet products each month.  I receive no monetary compensation for my involvement in the program.  The reviews that result from the real-life tests are presented accurately, and without bias.

It was Kathy who helped me get involved with the Chewy program, and it was Kathy who brightened my day by sending me something she, herself, had made with yarn that I, myself, adore:
Yes, it is 96 degrees out, and I am delighted to have a Noro wool scarf wrapped around my neck.  Thank you, thank you, friend!

I came across this pattern several days ago, and have knit a small stack of the little jewels:
A virtually lifelong friend of my son's is getting married this year, and my plan is to make a substantial number of these and give them to her along with a tea kettle.  They're a whiz to make, and I think they're adorable.


  1. You are so very welcome KIm. IT looks great on you.
    I love your gift plan with the cloths. THat is a favorite pattern of mine for dishcloths. SO cheerful!


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