Wish List

What craft skills do you wish you had?
Is drawing a craft?  Because I wish I could draw.  And be something more than an extremely basic seamstress.

I wish I knew what began pounding me during therapy yesterday.  All of a sudden, I felt like some had thrown me, face and torso first, against a concrete wall.  Today, my limbs feel achy, and heavy when I try to lift them.  Then they go all wobbly when I try to use them.  And there's a cough, and my nose is stopped up, and my skin has that distinctly "fever-y" feel, and my head hurts in a couple of different ways, and my throat hurts.

Other things on my wish list:
being left-handed
a midnight blue Rolls Royce
a house with lots of built-in bookshelves
being multilingual
bring able to arch one eyebrow

New color prompt tomorrow.  Are you in the mood for squares?


  1. I am thinking that it is time for me to mail you my squares. There are 30 or so. and I need to resist the lure of making more -- I have another dozen projects OTN and some of them Need.To.Be.Done.


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