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This One is Easy

The Maker's May question for today is "Who is your ideal customer?"

Anyone who buys!!!

My ideal situation would be to generate enough income from my etsy shop that I wouldn't have to dip into my Next-Thirty-Years accounts for living expenses.  But that's never happened, and it never will.  Charity knitting is where I'm at, as well as, in perfect honesty, giving my knits away.  I don't know how many students, over the years, complimented my mittens or scarf or hat. and I took it off and handed it to them.  The payoff was running into them somewhere later on, and seeing them wearing it.

All that I get from my father, who was a jeweler.  He'd offer people "special discounts" if he knew they truly wanted a piece, but were a little strapped for cash.  His favorite thing to do was deliver the jewelry to the customer, have the customer say, "Great;  how much do I owe you?"  Daddy would say, "When you get the bill, you can pay me."  Of course, a bill never came.

My mother, who saved and re-used everything, thought he was being reckless and naive, trying to buy people's friendships.  Those two were almost unfathomably different, but they had 56 years together.


  1. I love your stories of your parents - they sound so completely different, you'd think they would be at each others' throats all the time.

    Like you, I give away a lot of my knitting. Even if I've made it for myself originally ...

  2. Great stories. Love your dads generosity! Yours too


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