Makers' May

#15 --- Do you have any pets?
Why, yes, I do.
Erin (hiding her Granny-Smith-apple-green eyes)

Lily (originally headed for life as a barn cat)

Rupert (never the sharpest knife in the drawer, but scads of ways to make you love him)

Madeleine (found in the wheel well of my son's car)

Riley (who came to us when my mother died)

#16 --- Do you have any tattoos?
That's my right forearm, as you would see it.  It's the Chinese character for "center."  It's to remind me where to go when chaos descends.  As a bonus, you can find the initials of lots of important people in my life within it.


  1. Oh I do love seeing the animals. And I had to laugh at your comment about Rupert!

    That's a cool tattoo. I have one, but it's in my colon ... yeah, I know. ;-)

  2. WOnderful fur babies. I Love seeing them again. I admire your tattoo bravery! I haven't gotten up the nerve yet but daughter keeps asking me to get one with her. SHe has two already...


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