First of May Memes (by Kathy)

* Do you follow any blogs that are not knit or crochet blogs?
Yes, I do.  Not many, but a few.

*Do you wind your yarn into cakes or balls?
Balls.  Almost every attempt I've made with my swift has been a disaster.  Plus, to me, winding by hand is part of the knitting process as I learned it.

*What is the longest stretch you can recall not knitting?
It seems like it would be after my daughter was born, and I was getting used to being a mother-of-two.  If there were stretches after that, I don't remember them.

*Do you bake or buy birthday cakes?

*Do you drink water every day?
Sadly, no.

*Have you given up on knitting a certain garment?
Several!  Some I've gotten so frustrated with and angry at that they went into the garbage can.  I didn't have the patience to frog them, the troublemakers.

*For the terrifying question there are several parts:
Have you ever been:
stuck in an elevator?
No, thank goodness.  I'm desperately claustrophobic.

lost on a hike?

run out of gas?

needed to have an emergency landing..??
No;  I hardly ever fly.


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