Come Inside the Big Tent

Under this big top, questions about indulgences and priorities and preferences!  First in the Center Ring,  Kathy's Monday Meme.
1.  What is the bulkiest yarn with which you have knit?
I've dealt with some fairly bulky chenilles.  And Knit Collage has great bulky yarn.

2.What is the biggest size needle you've worked on?
50.  The project (a cowl) was off the needles almost as soon as it was cast on!

3.Tell me about the WHOLE enchilada.
Shredded steak, green onions, cheese, cilantro pico de gallo, then cheese melted on the top.

4.  Would you rather wear a bulky ring, bulky bracelet, or bulky earrings?
Earrings are out;  I wore earrings that were too bulky too soon after getting my ears pierced the first time, and tore my right earlobe.  With a ring, it would depend on what makes it bulky (material, setting, stone. . .)  I do like a nice bulky bracelet.

5.  Name something oversized that you own and love.
I can't think of anything oversized that's mine.  I have oversized collections of things, but the things themselves are of regular size.

6.  Which is bigger, your number of Ravelry project pages, or the number of patterns you have faved?
Patterns.  Not even close.

7.  What is the biggest vegetable you have grown?
A pumpkin.  Each of my children came home from school with pumpkin seeds more than once!

8.  How large is your stash?
I thought it was embarrassingly big, until I posted a photo of it, and had people tell me they wish they could pare theirs down to that size!

9.  What's the longest vacation you've taken?
A week.

10.  What is the longest you've gone without talking to another human being?
Two or three days.

Next, today's Maker's Question.
What would you save in a fire?
The pets.  (I'm assuming I can only save one thing.)

And our last circus ring:


  1. Agree on the pets.

    And oh that is a fabulous ring!

  2. THat circus ring is amazing !
    OH my gosh KNIT COLlage is amazing! Thanks for the link KIM!


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