Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Every Week I Do This

I'm glad Kathy provides Monday memes.  This week's 
Ten on Tuesday was going to be a difficult task for me.

*Do you Listen to  or watch any Knit Podcasts?
No.  The only podcasts I've listened to are "Nightvale" and Ice T's "Final Level."

*Do you purchase pattern books now that you have Ravelry?
Not too many, but not because of Ravelry.  If I find a book that has enough pretty patterns to justify its price, I'll buy it. 

*Do you have a photo of yourself knitting? 
Several, actually.  My favorite shows me sitting in my Daddy's chair.

*Do you have a photo of a relative who has passed knitting or crocheting? 
It seems like there's one of my Grandma knitting, but I couldn't lay my hands on it right now.

*What is your favorite two color combination?
Black and gold.

*Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from knitting?
Sadly, yes.  My dog Finn attacked me last year, causing loss of sensation in my right hand.

*Do you know a man who loves to knit?
Not personally, no.

*Have you ever been asked to knit something for pay?
Yes, mainly baby things and hats.

*Have you knit with Quivet?
Yes.  I believe it was a blend of quivet and silk, maybe?  Or cashmere.  It was glorious, and impossibly out of my price range.

*Do you play the lottery and would you giveaway
yarns if you won?
I'm not a lottery player.  If I played and won, yarn would be behind a beach house on my Spending Priorities List.

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  1. Oh I love your plan for the lottery. I had no idea black and gold were your favorites! that's unique and very smart!


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