Don't You Just Hate That?

. . .Nearing completion of a project with a yarn that I am thoroughly enjoying, but I have no idea what it is.  It was bought at a LYS now out of business, and wound by them, but there are no labels in the wound skeins.  Don't people always put the labels in the wound skeins?  I want more and more of this yarn, but have no idea what it is!

. . .Was so stressed out by the oncoming season finale of "The Walking Dead" last week that I had to take extra anxiety medicine Sunday night.  Then they (the writers and producers) completely and totally LET.  ME.  DOWN.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't let me down.  He was perfect.  But, writers and producers, really?


  1. JDM is on The Good Wife, too. I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

  2. I feel you about the yarn - even if I don't like it, I want to know what to avoid ...

    I am not a fan of The Walking Dead, but everyone else I know is, and they were pretty annoyed. The one character I do know is Carol, because my family claims I am just like her. Which I totally understand ... ;-)

  3. I lose labels all the time... Maybe I'll start a new notebook. Im in a notebook mood!

  4. Ack. That finale about killed me. And I was about to suggest JDM as a candidate in the next KH contest. Not sure I can since he became Negan.


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