Answering to Kathy

1. What's the most you would pay for a skein of sock yarn? 
Twenty dollars.  I like socks knit out of baby yarn just as well, and it is so much cheaper and longer-wearing.

2. What part of a pattern intimidates you? 
Any pattern that is charted only, I go right past.  Can't do the chart thing, which is peculiar, considering all those years I did counted cross-stitch from charts. . .

3. What is the most delicious thing you have eaten lately?
A Granny Smith apple with honey peanut butter.

4. If you had the grave misfortune of being in a fire, would you grab your stash or your FO's?
FOs.  They all have stories.  Things in the stash haven't happened yet.

5. What is a big compromise in one of your relationships?
(sshhhhh you can tell us!) 
Whenever my best friend, Lisa, and I go somewhere, whoever drives gives up the right to choose music to the passenger.

6. Do you bathe your pets?
Only Rupert.

7. Have you ever been bitten by your pet?
Yes.  A horror story. I had to surrender him to Animal Control, and lost sensation in my hand for 7+ months.

8. How do you deal with pooling colors?
Let them pool;  that's never bothered me.

9. Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016?
Nope.  Wedding gifts, though.

10. Do you enjoy Monday Memes?
You bet!


  1. Kim ... you and me and those charts!!! Ugn Thanks for playing


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