"Aaaaarrgghh," or "Ack," or Whatever Comic Strip Characters are Saying These Days

The wrap I've been test-knitting was claimed as a bed by one of the cats overnight.  (Rupert is in the clear, because he doesn't take the time to claw and tangle and wreck stitches like a cat.)

  The guilty feline made herself quite a little nest of what was becoming, very quickly, this:
The Piret Scarf, by my friend Kelli Slack.  Although I can't be sure, the yarn in this photo looks very much like the yarn I am/was using.  It vary subtly shades from grey through pewter to a silver, and they all sort of glisten, due to the tencel in the yarn.  I was enjoying making this, as there are written instructions --- I'm hopeless with charts.

I did that thing where you start unravelling very carefully, thinking, "Maybe I can save this," then move into, "I should be able to pick it up somewhere in here," to just all-out ripping.  And, maybe cursing.  There may have been cursing.

Thankfully, I have both an easy hat and a favorite cardigan on the needles, so  I can make progress with something.  But I'm going back to the Piret.  Don't doubt that for a second.  I'll just have to tighten up security a little.


  1. Oh dear. I would be sobbing. Lace is so difficult for me to handle. I put all my yarns and wips under tight wraps. Fezzik is awful about it all. As for going back to get it on the needles , I can't do that either. ITs just a do over at that time....

  2. Yikes! That kitty needs to go in time out for sure. Such a pretty pattern, too. I agree, it's really hard to fix lace with all the yarn overs.


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