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How Many Posts?


It would seem that in numerology, 800 marks the end of one cosmic/karmic cycle, and the beginning of another one.


Do you know your numerology number?
Mine is 3.

Do you know your Western and Chinese zodiac signs?
I'm an Aquarian Rat.

Do you know what makes other people think of you?
The Bee Gees
Cowboy boots
seem to bring me into other people's minds.

Do you know that, if you answer all these questions in the comments section, you will be eligible for a parcel of 8 (couldn't swing 800) goodies?  You will be.  The winner will be chosen at random, and announced Friday.  Share the giveaway with your friends!


  1. numerology number is 8. I am a Cancer Rooster. And I honestly don't know what makes other people think of me. And you are right about the Bee Gees..every time I hear a song by them I think of you!

  2. As far as I know, my number is 7; I am a Pisces Monkey; and it seems that cats make others think of me (based on gifts I receive and things people forward to me on FB).

    Happy 800! Can't wait for the next set. :-)

  3. My numerology number is 3 (same as my Twinster, of course) and I am a Taurean Dog. Other people think of me when they see dogs, alpacas, and books!

  4. My numerology number is: 4.
    I am a Pisces Pig.
    People think of me when they see elephants, peaches (or peach colored things), and mermaids. (Or so I am told...)
    PS 8 is my favorite number, always has been, always will be. So it makes sense to me that 800 is important. Well done you on 800 posts!

  5. Fun!
    No on my numerology but I'd like to know
    I'm a LEO
    I think people think of me when they see old ladies knitting, cats and the Cubs

  6. my # is also 3, I am a Librian Horse and people think of me when they see giraffes, knitting and tea!


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