Monday, February 8, 2016

Hermit Monday

I am so grumpy and leave-me-alone today.  Can't figure why.  The weather's nice, there are no deadlines to meet, the team I wanted to won the Super Bowl:
Thank goodness Kathy has given us a new meme, or I couldn't be bothered to post today.

Ssk or Knit2tog?  SSK.  I just like doing it.
Double your yarn or knit faster? I'll say double my yarn, because I like to use 2 or 3 strands of different yarns together.
Ravelry or Pinterest  Ravelry.

Stop n stretch or drive right through  Drive right through;  my father modelled that for me.
Mountains or desert  Mountains.
Watch sunrise or watch sunset  It depends on where I am, honestly.  And the time of year.

Flu shot or no flu shot  I started getting flu shots when I was teaching pre-school, and just haven't gotten out of the habit.
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue  With lotion, though the budget often requires without.
Mosquito repellent or cover up  Repellant.  It's easy to carry a dryer sheet with you.

Walter Payton or Payton Manning  I can't choose.
Pets in your bed or close the door  On the bed.
Wash your fruit or not  Depends on the fruit!


  1. Im so glad my meme was a bit of comfort to you!

  2. The poll workers were so handsome. Nice job Kim. I showed them my library card and my mail last sent from YOU as proof of id


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