Lemme See If I Remember the Last Time. . .

1- You saw someone wearing something you knit for them. 
Do I count myself? 

2- You stayed up late just to knit 
Last night.

3- You had cake. 
October, on Briton's birthday.

4-You wanted to knit a sweater
Not that long ago;  a month?  Month and a half?

6-You sat on a hot radiator to warm up
I don't think I've ever sat on one.  Stood in front of one, sure. . .

7-You wrote a letter?
Last week.  To my One Book at a Time buddy.

8-You stubbed your toe
Not so much my toes as my shins.  The last of those was Saturday.  And it's bruising.

9- You got on the scale
I won't even pretend to remember.

10- You got caught talking to yourself
Honestly, I don't talk to myself too much.  Out loud, I mean.  In my head is a whole other story.


  1. I have a CONSTANT conversation going on in my head!

  2. awe, THanks for playing along Kim!


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