Good, Good Yarn

Two projects I've been working on lately have been great pleasures, because of the yarns involved.  Unfortunately, I didn't save the label for this one.  I used it to make this hat for sending to Pine Ridge Reservation.  The feel was great, the colors were fun, the pattern was interesting. . .  Good stuff all the way around.

I do know about this yarn, though.  The color name is to the left there, and the manufacturer is Siidegarte.  I'm sure I got it in a KnitCrate shipment.  However it arrived, it is Heavenly to work with.  50% merino, and 50% silk.

It is being used to make another scarf for Harry's Hundred.
The photo from the blog shows the truer color, but not the variations that my picturess do.  My first impulse had been to use it for a hat, but once I got it on the needles, I knew it had to be made into something worn next to the skin.  It is glorious.  I'm saving the skein tag so that I can, maybe, someday, visit the site, and buy something for myself.


  1. Twinster, what pattern did you use for the yellow hat?

  2. They will love that yellow hat at Pine Ridge!

  3. Excellent work and well chosen yarn/patterns. The hat looks kind of like a hive- it's awesome.


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