I do so envy folks who get snow.  I know if I had to deal with it on a regular basis, or if I had been through even one snowstorm like the one going on today, that opinion would change.  But I do so love snow.

This is BFF Shari, in Pennsylvania, this afternoon:
I do not envy all the shoveling she and her husband have been doing all day, but something about that looks fun!

Speaking of Pennsylvania, you'll remember (I hope) Philidelphian Bridget's "Harry's Hundred" drive.  I've finished my first of what I hope are several donations --- a simple scarf:

Madeleine went in for another glucose curve yesterday.  Her blood sugar is still higher than the doctor is aiming for, so her insulin dosage has increased.  Everything else looks really good.  And I learned an important lesson from getting Maddie to the Vet School.  When the carrier you are using to transport your pet zips on both ends, make sure both ends are zipped before placing your pet inside.  Otherwise, you will find yourself, flashlight in hand, chasing said pet.

And neither of you will be happy on the ride over.


  1. WOW that is one fabulous scarf! How thrilling, now two things have been made and are part of the project. :-) I am so excited.

    I'm glad you found Maddie!

  2. That is a wonderful scarf. You are so lovely to donate it.


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