Review: Stealth Mode

The second product sent for me to try this month was this:
A cute little "Snacky Mouse" that dispenses treats as cats swat it around.  Good idea, cleverly done.  There was a problem, however.

Madeleine, you'll remember, has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and is on a very strict diet.  Meaning no treats.  How was I going to test Snacky Mouse without her knowing about it?

It became a rather wicked dance --- me waiting for her to be asleep, or far enough from the kitchen that she might not hear me put the toy down for all the others to try.

Ultimately, I had to adopt "Go back where you were" stance against her while Riley and Erin undertook testing.  Maddie was irritated, naturally.  Riley and Erin were stumped by the toy at first, but, once what was happening dawned on them, they swatted and nibbled to their hearts' content.

So, a definite "yes" from almost everyone involved.  Madeleine refused comment. sends me chosen products to try, and then review, without any financial compensation whatsoever.  My reviews are my own, and truthfully reflect our experiences.


  1. Poor Mad........I almost asked for that toy......should have!


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