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It's My Most Favorite Day of the Year

At my therapist's office the other day, there was a Christmas CD playing (naturally) and "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," sung by Andy Williams, came up.  And, yes, the fact that some of you don't know who Andy Williams is, and how he fits into lots of Christmas memories, is bothersome.

Am I the only one who never knew about those stories being part of Christmas?  Has an enormous portion of Christmas tradition never been mine?  Did you betray us, too, Perry Como?

I picked Hannah up from work last night, as she didn't have another ride.  She gave me a little bag of Christmas cookies, baked by her boyfriend's grandmother.  By the time I had gotten back home, this was the state of affairs:
They had been all dolled up with peppermint twine and ribbony, sequiny stickers.  But there were only two left.  A fact that was not lost on Rupert:
Of course he got some bites.  I may be terribly bitter right now, but I'm not mean.


    There you go Twinner. Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. I don't remember any ghost stories but I seem to have reached the age where reminiscing about Christmases past is part of the fun. And yes, I know who Andy Williams is...we listened to him every year along with Johnny Mathis. I can't hear Johnny without picturing him on an album cover with skis and a bright sweater.

  3. Yeah, I've never quite understood the part about ghost stories, unless he means the ghosts that haunt Ebenezer Scrooge ...


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