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Our Christmas decorating tradition is to start the gussying-up on the day after Thanksgiving.  The other day, I went upstairs to see what we have, to see what we might need.

I couldn't get the closet door open.  The knob turns, but the bolt doesn't move.  There's no lock.  If I have to take that sucker down from the hinges, it's going to be extremely unpleasant.

For some reason, this year I'm thinking about decorating for my Christmas.  Put what I want where I want.  There are some things that have been part of the Deans' Christmases from, well, always, and I won't change them.  But I'm the one who will be living here every day, and I want to have things that make me happy and comfortable and holidayish.


  1. Good for you, decorating the way you'd like. With the exception of some items on our tree, I decorate for me. Last year I purged my Christmas stuff of the stuff I didn't like and it felt very freeing. Just the stuff I want now!

  2. Hooray for doing what you like to to do ... IF you can get that door open! Yikes!

  3. Permission to decorate as you wish!!! Of course! The kids may actually end up liking it!


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