So, this van that they've got me in has what a friend of mine calls "all of the candy."  It's a beautiful machine, and, boy, could I have used those DVD players when Briton and Hannah were little.  The two things that I've been struck by, though are, first
it has an analog clock.  Right above it is the significantly larger digital read-out screen, but this is where I'm looking when I wonder about the time.  It's a pretty little clock, with sort of a nostalgic feel to it.

the gear shift is on the dashboard.  I don't know what the engineering, or aesthetic, reasons are for placing it there.  But there it is.  It's taking a whole lot of getting used to.

Oh, there's a camera for backing up, but I'm not finding it all that helpful.  I have always used the passenger-side side mirror for reverse, and still do, even with the camera available.

The van is mine "until."  There still has been no word from the other driver's insurance adjuster, so we're kind of in limbo with regard to how it's all going to sort out.  My son seems to think he's going to get his car back, but, from what I saw, it's likely to be declared totalled.  Which means we get to go car shopping.



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