Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do You Like Guessing Games?

Here it is;  your 2015 Travelling Scarf!

 Stretching from one end of my mantle, over the other, and into a tin vase.  It is 139" long.  (That's over 11 feet!)

Here, now, a contest.  How many yarn changes do you think there are in the scarf?  Yarn, not color.
For instance, in this part of the scarf,
up toward the right, you see a black stripe/green & yello stripe/yellow stripe/black stripe.  Now, although that is three different colors, it's clear that they all came from one type of yarn.  

You have between now and Sunday (the 8th) Noon (ET) to submit your guesses.  The winner will be the guess nearest to the actual number, without going over.  The winner gets the scarf!!  And, undoubtedly, a couple of other things, too.

Continued thanks to the knitters who helped out with this.

Start your guesses!


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