This is what's left of Briton's car.  If you look kind of closely, you can see me in the driver's seat, cleaning things out.  Yep, today was the day for getting everything out of the car, and turning it over to the towing service, so that they can do whatever it is they do with cars that are beyond repair.

It was surprisingly sad.  This wasn't Briton's first car, but it was his first really good car.  It was obvious that he didn't want to acknowledge that this was farewell.

He now waits on the insurance check, and the new car hunt will begin.  It might be another week before he can even think about making any decisions.  He works pretty much non-stop next Tuesday through Thursday, so finding time is going to be incredibly hard.  But it will all get done, and, ideally, this will be just a memory for him.  A memory to learn from, but not one to wallow in and/or become paralyzed by.


  1. Yep it is hard. I think it is easier if the car dies a slow and smelly death of old age than if it is taken from us much too early not by our own hand. I knew it was time to get rid of the green subaru when pieces flew off of it as I drove down the street.

    The fun of a new car should make him feel better! I hope so!

  2. So glad he was ok- poor car sure wasn't.


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