It's a good thing I didn't plan much Christmas knitting this year.  Even if I had started before Finn bit me, there's just no way anything would get finished.  It is so uncomfortable to hold the needles and feed the yarn.  The upshot is that I can knit whatever I want, without deadlines.  However, my etsy shop is practically empty, at the time of year sales are most likely.

Fortunately, we have nice weather today:

I'm not being sarcastic, I promise you.  Gray, windy, rainy --- days like this make me feel snug and safe.  It is perfect weather for reading, and for knitting.

You know, , ,  If I could. . .


  1. I truly love gray days. Maybe I wouldn't if it was every day all the time, but I love them when they do happen on occasion.

  2. i so agree with you and Bridget, I love gray days too, and today is being perfect, rain, gray, wind, leaves falling perfect day!

  3. Oh dear. These gray days drag me down uncontrollably. I have to learn to deal with them. Im so glad you and MY sister Patti Ann love these kinds of days.


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