My son and I got into a conversation about Batman the other day.  Growing up, I loved Batman. (He's still my favorite superhero, along with Captain America.)  The "BIF!" "POW!" Batman with Adam West was on TV, and I never missed an episode.  We started talking about Batman villains, and I looked up the ones I remembered, winding up at this photo of Cesar Romero, who was The Joker.  Dashing, wouldn't you say?

My favorite toy when I was growing up was a Batman periscope.  I loved to "spy" on the houses and the people on my street.  And one of my clearest, fondest childhood memories is going to an auto show and seeing the Batmobile.  I even defied the signs and managed to touch one of the fins.  (Yep.  I was a rebel.)
"Atomic batteries to power;  turbines to speed!"


  1. Holy Bits of Memories Batman....!! that's some car

  2. I am listening to Love in the Time of Cholera. Cesar Romero would be PERFECT for one of male leads if it were a movie.


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