Keeping At My Work

The Drea is coming along.  It is worked with both yarns until you've increased to 135 stitches, then finished with the main color, increasing to 175.  I'm about four rows into the all-main-color part.  Of course, I'll be starting another one when this one is through, but I thought I'd better get another project going just for the heck of it.

I decided on this Arrowhead Cowl:
with this yarn from KnitCrate:
It's called "1/2 N 1/2 Flame," and is 50% milk, 50% silk.  It is soft and smooshy as a dream.  I'm using the color that the photo shows, also it's quite creamy-white, not sort-of-buttery-yellow.

It hurts to knit.  It's impossible for me to write legibly.  You'd think that nerve damage, when it causes loss of sensation, would not be painful.  But I'm here to tell you it is.  For every two minutes of knitting, there has to be at least ten minutes of rest.  It's supremely irritating.


  1. I just printed out the arrowhead cowl--let's do a virtual KAL!!!

  2. I like arrowhead lace - it's so easy to see when you've made a mistake...

  3. Oh uh. What can we do to help? Knit for little increments. Do stretches? Drink while you knit?

  4. But the rest is important (as you undoubtedly know). It's what keeps it from getting worse.


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