In A Bind

The milk and silk yarn has been reassigned to this:
It's called "Nussler's Ribbed Loop," and can be found on Ravelry.  Easy, but pretty, and it buttons together, so there's the additional Good of being able to look for those.  Buttons have always been fun for me, even when they weren't all whimsical and shape-ish.

The first Drea has been finished.  There isn't enough definition between the stripes and the solid section as one might want. but I knew that when I chose the yarns.
I'm on to Drea Two with the colors I showed you the other day.

Today, I've been working on/with the Scoreboard Knitalong today.  I'm using gold and black for Vanderbilt, obviously.  Fortunately, those colors work for the Steelers, my favorite NFL team.  I'd have to break out red and blue for my Titans.

I'm in a bit of a predicament when it comes to knitting overall.  My fingers have been really, really aching lately, which makes knitting very painful.  But, then, just about anything I do is painful, so the decision becomes, "Which pain sounds least awful?"  Seaming is one of the lesser agonies, so the quilt has been seeing some action:
I'm trying to be as random as possible putting squares together, going for that Crazy Quilt kind of feel.  But Matching is a hard impulse to ignore.


  1. That quilt is phenomenal!!! Wow. Love the shawl too. I like the more subtle color change. Mine will be like that too. I'll experiment with more change next. But it's really hard for me to use such small yarn. :( the numbness and rubbery issues with my fingers is baaaad. I'm using one needle as just a post and knitting oddly with the right needle. It works, but you'd never know I could knit properly. Switching to winding and organizing today, it being a day of rest and all! Hope your fingers improve- amazed at your productivity. Though I know it costs you in pain.

  2. GOod idea to quilt. Yours is so pretty! Sending healing prayers your way Kim


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