Color Commentary

Remember the mitred cotton squares I am making?  As I've been finishing them, I'll find four that look good together, and sew them into an extra large square.  Then I am sewing the extra large squares together, without keeping up with how big the thing is getting.  Turns out it's long enough for a queen-size!  It's definitely got a Crazy Quilt feel to it --- a melange of colors, if you will.  Picture soon.

Winding yarn isn't as painful as knitting with it, so, even though the first Drea Shawl isn't done, I've already got the colors for the second one pulled:
The main color is Anzula's Squishy, in "Penny."

The contrasting color is KPPM P313.
(It's showing much darker in this photo;  there's a good amount of white and silver in the hank I have.)


  1. Great color combo. Fallish. Corn stalks and falling leaves, I see


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