Hugh Pitches In

Yesterday was my regular therapy day.  I got all dolled up, went to my car, and it wouldn't start.
Stone dead.  Not even the tiniest "gr-gr" sound.  And I really needed to unload on someone yesterday.  There wsn't a reschedule available until next Wednesday.

Cue headACHE.

I was able to get the battery going just a little while ago, and took the car out for a few minutes, hoping to recharge it.  A storm blew in, so I wasn't able to stay out for very long.  So, I'm back home, preparing to prepare for KH and KC nominations to start coming in.  It's about to get busy!


  1. Ack!!! Sorry! Hope you had a phone session at least?! If it helps, you aren't alone with bad timing- garage door entirely broke tonight, with my car trapped inside. I had 3 minutes to get to the bank and a notary and needed my car! Or wings. And must get all of us (car seats and all) to airport tomorrow. Someone is coming tonight that should be able to fix it. Fingers crossed. I'm melting from stress but it appears I'm zen-ing out. I hit that tipping point where the untrained would not know better and might mess with me.

  2. Oh no. That does stink. A phone session is a great idea as Camille said. Ready for the Contest


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