Casting Calls


I don't mind telling you there was some scrambling around at KH/KC HQ last night.  The fact that two pairs had to be set up again for tiebreakers made finding matching photos fever-pitched.  All I can say is, thank goodness Macfadyen and Turner both wore period costumes at one point.  And, I believe all possible combinations of Lucy Liu / Betty White pictures have been found and used.  Except maybe this one:
(Which wouldn't have been used anyway, since one is color and the other's black and white.  All's I'm saying is it was getting really tough to find pictures that worked.)

Betty finally moves on, as does Mr. Macfadyen.  Thanks for your patience, and continued voting.

There are going to be quick voting turnarounds now that the contests have many fewer nominees.  Don't be surprised, then, if you see the same faces two days in a row.

First up in Round Three:


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