Starting Point

Today, I put together the top four seeds for both Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick.  Don't worry;  I'll let you know what they are.  Just not today.  Since they are automatically entered, none of you have to nominate them.  

Have you started thinking about your nominees?  Hmmmmmmmmmm?

This box arrived about 15 minutes ago.  It is 1 foot tall, 1 foot wide, and 1 foot deep.  And it is filled --- filled, I say --- with prizes for KH and KC.  The magnificent Camille donated everything, and I am floored by her generosity.  (Which I shouldn't be, because she is always awesome and helpful.)  Obviously, the contents can't be shown here, because some of you might be receiving them.  But I would like to say that if any of you have any little trinkets or supplies or Generally Cute Things about that you wouldn't mind sending me, it would be a great help.  Yarn and patterns and needles are obvious prizes, but there are now enough non-knitters getting involved that I need gifts I can send to them, if they win.  Just asking.  No pressure.

Thank you, Camille.  

Nominations open a week from Friday!


  1. I CAN SEND A simple pattern and the skein of yarn needed to make it. Its a baby teddy bear/ or cat/ or puppy pattern. Would you like it for the prizes?


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