If It's Not One Thing. . .

There's been another veterinary emergency with my son's cat.  He wasn't eating over the weekend, and had lost weight --- which he could not afford to do.  

On Monday, the vet tested kidneys, heart, thyroid, and ran another blood curve.  They couldn't find anything.  Relief on one hand, exasperation on the other.  He was given an appetite stimulant at the vet's, and apparently ate really well.  Since then, though, things have been all over the place.  Buddy's feeding and insulin times have now be moved to 10AM and 10PM.  Easier for Briton in the mornings.  This week, however, he's had rehearsal every night (his show opens tomorrow night), so I've gone over to do the night stuff.

This morning, Buddy wouldn't eat.   I got one of those near-panicky calls from Briton, as he needed to leave for work and didn't know what to do.  Mom goes back to The Hard Work.  I got some baby food turkey and chicken, mixed the turkey with the canned food, and got Buddy to eat.  Back to do the same tonight at 10.  He'll grow used to having good stuff in his food, and not eat it by itself, but, at this point, it's just about getting something in him.


  1. This must be the summer of sick pets. I'm glad he is doing better, and hope it will continue. Give him a pat from me.

    It's like my mother used to say, it's either an ass or an elbow ...

  2. Oh he is such a lucky cat to be so loved and cared for. Good tricks Gran momma


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