The first time you hear your child swear, they're probably quite young, and it's all you can do to keep from giggling.

A few years later, they sort of understand what they're doing.  The tack I took with mine was to remind them how many words there are, and ask why they wanted to limit themselves to just 2 or 3?

Then, your children go to high school, and it flies completely out of your hands.

I was not allowed to even hint at swearing when I was growing up.  A "heck" or a "gah" would get me a firm smack on the cheek.  But, truth be told, my jawing gets a little pungent occasionally.  

So, this task spoke (!) to me.
Ten on Tuesday for this week:
10 Substitutes You Use for Swear Words
1.  "Dadgummit!'
2.  "Shoot."
4.  "Oh, maaaaaan!"
5.  "Crap!"
6.  "Flippin' "
7.  "Geez!"
8. "Oh, for crying out loud. . ."
9.  "Jeeminy!"
10.  "Dang!"

"DADGUMMIT" is my go-to non-cussing cuss.  "Dang" and "shoot" are tied at second.  Although, a lot of the time, I'll have the "sh" out and decide to just go for it.


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