Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I Did Last Week

1. Lost my last uncle-by-blood --- my mother's baby brother, Tommy.

2.  Visited my parents' graves

3.  Went to Stitches South

4.  Met up with a grade school/high school friend I hadn't seen in 25+ years.

5.  Had my regular room service breakfast of Eggs Benedict.

6.  Played a LOT of Coin Dozer on my Nook.

7.  Made more toys for Davis House and Elephants Remember Joplin.  That was the only knitting I took with me.

8.  Watched a woman pay $405 for yarn for one shawl.

9.  Managed to keep my sanity despite my hotel room having a round table NOT centered under a round light fixture.

10.  Resisted buying cowboy boots.  (Well, they didn't have the kind I wanted in my size, but still. . .)


  1. Ohhh resisted cowboy boots! wowza. Change in Karma for sure

  2. $405 for one shawl's yarn? Holy crap! Actually it makes me remember shopping with a girlfriend and she stopped at one of those carts in the mall that sells fancy hair do-dads for little girls. She spent over $300 on hair clips while I quietly died inside as I stood next to her. I couldn't believe it.

  3. #9!!!! Nooooo!!!
    #10- it's a victory (of sorts) since you didn't order them.

  4. #8- what?!? Was it huge? Gold plated? Diamond encrusted? Wow! Wow.


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