Spring. And Stuff.

I spent almost all afternoon at Revival, as it is Free Knit Friday.  Had a quiet time with the owners, Cara and Lindsay, and Lindsay's baby girl.  Having a comfortable, friendly place to knit is such a luxury.  Sure, I have to shower, and get dressed, and leave the house, but it makes for a nice time.

It has never bothered me, as far as allergies or and kind of discomfort, but Pollen is here.  The clearest sign of it at this house?  Rupert's toes go yellow every time he goes outside:

I'm not a fan of Sping, in large part because it signals the end of my regular boot wearing.  When the temperatures go up, the boots are a bit too heavy and hot to wear much.  So, a last look at another foot-related seasonal trouble:
Maybe there'll be some cool nights for us.  We can hope. . .


  1. here too ,its time for claritin daily

  2. In Springtime, Rupert's toes turn yellow.

    There's a song in there, somewhere. Bye bye, boots!


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