Reservations for Five

So, knitters willing to contribute to the travelling scarf are in Nevada, Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin and Georgia.  Did I miss anyone?  If I did, let me know via the comments section.  Also in the comments section, let me know which of these patterns you would like to use for the scarf:




 Then, let me know which weight you would prefer we use:: sock or worsted.  From which do you have most leftovers?

Here's a quick project I made up over the weekend.  DMC has a series of hats called Top This, and when I saw that there was a pink unicorn available, I had a surprise gift for Hannah!  There is a lion, too, which I would love to have, but the dominant color is orange.  I don't like orange.  I lose a chance at a silly hat.

I used my Color Grid to decide on what to use in a two-color pullover, and got this combination:
Wisteria/violet and a soft dove grey.  This is the front.  Knitting on 11s makes things go pretty quickly.


  1. I'm good with any of the patterns and I'd prefer sock yarn but hey, I'm easy like Sunday morning.

  2. I like pattern C. Easier to use leftovers with narrow stripes. Either worsted or sock yarn is okay by me.

  3. my only preference is to use sock yarn...but I can be convinced otherwise.
    Any scarf you show would be fun!

  4. I like C! I have much more sock yarn than worsted in the leftovers department.


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