I finished the Whipped Cream Sweater, but have already delivered it to the wearer, so I don't have any pictures.  Does anyone else have a problem putting together garments made in garter stich?  It's embarrassing --- I get the sides confused and have to rip seams out again and again.

I have a mini-elliptical that fits under the coffee table. which makes it possible for me to cycle while knitting or watching movies.  Somehow, I've overdone it --- my knees (bad to begin with) are killing me today.  One or the other will catch as I'm walking. . .  As Daddy would say, I've got a hitch in my getalong.  

Yes, I hurt myself while sitting.


  1. Sorry you hurt yourself. Take it easy today.

    When I'm knitting with garter stitch I put a marker of some sort on the right side. It's the only way I can keep it straight.


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