I am thoroughly engrossed in a book called The Map of Time.

I'm working on
the Whipped Sweater from we are knitters.  I suspect this will be the year of kits for me, which is one reason I'm thinning out my stash.

A couple of people have asked again about the Travelling Scarf idea.  Could you let me know, in the comments, whether you'd be on board?  If enough of you are interested, we'll vote on the design and the type of yarn to use.

That idea I had a while back about flying somewhere, spending some time in an airport, then flying back, has begun to appeal to me again.  Please tell me if you know of any airports that would be fun to spend several hours in.  Or, if you're willing to meet me at an airport for lunch or something before I fly back.  Strictly a one day adventure.

And, if any of you are going to Stitches South in Nashville next month, please let me know.  We'll try to find each other.


  1. I missed the idea of the traveling scarf, and I am intrigued ...


    Travelin scarf : if easy, then YES YES

    And I'M off to check out your pattern link!


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