A Light at the End

Kathy has a son named Zach, who has recently begun selling some of his photographs online.  I fell head over heels for one, and placed an order.  This was about a week and a half ago.

Those intervening days have been achingly awful for me --- I've been low and weepy and my therapy session today was really hard.  I thought some take-out from a good Chinese restaurant might lift me up a bit.

Several weeks ago, I began keeping bottles of water and individually packaged snacks in my car.  It seemed to me I was seeing a lot more people standing on corners and at intersections with cardboard "Please help" signs, and I thought, if I kept things on hand, I could help them out a little.

This afternoon, after my tough session, and on my way to get my food, I saw an older man sitting on a curb with a sign that said, "Homeless.  Anything would help."  I got into a parking lot, got some water and snacks for him from the car, but when I got to him, he said, "Miss Ma'am, I got something to eat.  I need money."

I was stunned.  I walked back to my car, shaking.  What had just happened?  WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED?

I managed not to cry until after I got my food.  I was just trying to do a good thing.  Even that turned to woe.

When I pulled into my driveway, I saw a package on my front porch.  It was the picture I ordered from Zach:

At the end of this miserable day, there was a light.

Thank you, Zach.  More than you can know.


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry that your act of kindness was met with ungratefulness. I'm glad your lovely photo was waiting for you. Hopefully the light is shining a little brighter for you.

  2. I've had similar experiences and they are always astonishing, since you feel that your attempt at kindness resulted in a slap in the face. It's hard to forget.

    But hopefully that photo will make a difference. Life isn't always dark.

  3. And YOU Kim shone a light for me today. Much love and hugs

  4. I'm so sorry you had that experience - I've seen it, too, and wondered. The photo is wonderful - ((hugs))


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