Friday, February 27, 2015

Want Some?

Alright.  Here are the yarns I have to give away.  I haven't taken pictures, but you'd probably be able to find them with a Google search.  First come, first serve.

DK / Green Tea / Delicious Yarns / 310 yds.

Sock / Navy and aqua / Regia / 1 ball, 420 m..

Suede ribbon / medium green / Darn Good Yarn / 1 cone, 22 yds.

Sock / Dark greys, greens, blues / Premier Deborah Norville / 1 skein, 230 yds.

Sock / "Aquamarine" / Premier Deborah Norville / 1 skein, 230 yds.
(I have always been able to get a pair of socks out of one skein)

Sock / Browns, golds, teals / Regia / 1 skein, 420 m.

Sock / Deep navy / Regia / 2 skeins, 230 yds. each

DK / Dark taupe wrapped with shiny copper / Nashua Grand Opera / 7 balls, 128 yds. each
(I have only the top color, NOT the gold)

Worsted / "Black Coffee" / Cascade Sateen / 3 skeins, 225 yds. each


  1. I am knitting prayer shawls for the Alzheimer's Unit my Mom is in. The Mirasol Hapi Cotton is the right yardage, and would be great!

    1. Nancy, please e-mail me your address, and I'll get the yarn to you ASAP. handeyecraftsathotmaildotcom.

  2. I'd like the Jade Madeline Tosh if you still have it. :-)


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