It doesn't seem a week since my freak-out, but it has been.  I've been packing myself off to bed quite regularly since, as, as I've said before, when things go bad for me, only sleep gives me ease.  It also chews up hours that would otherwise be spent being miserable.

My therapist saw me yesterday, to make up for last week's lost session.  There was so much to unload that, by the time I was through with telling her everything, there wasn't much of the hour left to discuss what for me to do.  But I got a pointer or two, and am trying to remember them.

Other than sleep, I've been distracting myself with books and videos.  I'm reading The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons, which is fascinating.  And I'm also moving through a book called Here.  I say "moving through" instead of "reading," because it's a comic.  Sort of.  The book tells the story of one corner of a house over thousands of years.  It defies explanation, and is completely extraordinary.

Video-wise, I've begun "The Wire."  Yes, I know --- twelve years late to the party.  And I've been re-watching "Ripper Street," from the BBC.  As I tend to do, I've fallen for a non-leading character;  in this case, Jerome Flynn, who plays Sgt. Drake to Matthew Macfadyen's Inspector Reid.
Talking to Briton about it, he told me that Flynn is also on "Game of Thrones," as Bronn.  I don't watch "GoT," but I do admit to looking up clips that feature that character.


  1. I still haven't watched The Wire. I'm saving it.

  2. I will look into HERE. Sounds fascinating

  3. I have never watched the Wire either. Though I do love me some Game of Thrones.


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