Do A LIttle Dance, Get A Little Yarn. . .

Do you know how children's shows have little songs for different activities?  "Blue's Clues" had a mail time number, for example.  Each time one of these arrives, I do a kind of special song, I admit.

Today's yielded up quite a bounty:
Noro yarn AND Noro patterns.  Tea.  And an ingenious color grid to make coloration simpler.  Noro is my favoritest brand of yarn, and Noro patterns are delightful, but, as is often the case, one of the "little extras" in the package intrigues me most.  My decisions regarding colorwork aren't always the sharpest;  maybe this will help me develop an eye.

I am pleased with the color combo here:
Classic Elite "Mesa" cotton yarn, "Poplar Cowl" pattern from Ravelry.  This was fun to knit, for some reason.  I haven't deicded yet whether I'll put it in the etsy store or keep it for myself.

My friend, Camille, sent me Koigu and a cowl pattern from gotyarn? --- it arrived yesterday.  Spectacular, isn't it?  Camille is an angel.   I usually open the mail in the kitchen, and, after unpacking them, just laid these out on a counter to take the picture.  I didn't realize that the fork was there until later, but it kind of works, don't you think?

Next project?  I don't know.  Finn seems to be looking into one of my yarn bags for inspiration:

Thank all of you who responded to my post about Jo.  I've heard from her, and she's okay.  Ron's was a lengthy fight, and she sort of had time to "prepare."  Still, she says, she's in the "Anger" stage of grief, which is fully understandable.  Please continue to think about her.


  1. I do like that cowl (and hey look, I can post a comment today!).
    I just sent you an e to see if you have any use for DVDs of IK from 2002, 2003 and 2004. While 'straightening' I found the whole decade on one DVD so don't need individual years.

  2. love your cowl and LOVE your koigu. I see the silver in the utensil and it compliments the yarn next to it! The color grid tool is interesting. How do you use it? IM a gadget girl too

  3. I have that Color Grid -- it's pretty cool! Hm, maybe I should pull that out as I try to settle on a color scheme for a new project...


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