Works in Progress

The Perfect Cowboy Boots.  For me, at least:

I woke up wanting to knit mittens.  Due entirely, I'm sure, to these adorable ones of Kathy's:

Have I made any mittens today?  Have I cast on for any mittens?  Nope.  I've been working on a pair of these:

Making them in a spring yellow cotton/soy yarn.

What has thrown me off, no doubt, is the fact that Riley came into the den and hopped up on the couch today.
It's only taken her three years to come downstairs.  Poor girl --- she's been through an awful lot.  My mother's was her second home, then Mama died and she was in the house as lots of strangers came in to find and take away the body.  Then we box her up and bring her into a strange house with a slew of other animals.  Then she got desperately sick and we had to tube feed her to get her well.  There is a lot of sadness in that face, don't you think?


  1. awww Yes that's sad, but cats are troopers.
    Donna BOoshay of QUIET LIFE made those adorable mittens for sweet

  2. Both the mittens and the armwarmers are fab! (And of course the boots - that goes without saying ...)

    Riley is a gorgeous girl. She's made up her mind that she is now where she belongs.

  3. What a beautiful girl! And I love the boots, too!

  4. Perhaps that lion on the wall is giving the kitteh anxiety attacks. Love the boots! I am currently on a make-as-many-as-possible-by December-13 fingerless glove binge. The shorter ones in worsted weight go pretty quickly :-)

  5. Kitty has a knowing face. She has seen heartache. But she does not seem cowed. She still has hope. Awesome boots and hilarious about the mitten urge and doing the other project instead! I fully intended to finish a crochet project today- didn't even touch it! So you are way ahead of me.


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