Inspired or Insane?

For no reason AT all, the idea for a 12-month swap has come into my head.  Different theme each month (yes, I already know what they'll be), people in or out as they can, or are interested.  Could that work, you think?  Announce the theme on the 1st, have packages out by, say, the 21st.  Just a random thought.  One does a lot of random thinking when one is forced to be immobile with ice on one's head for 4 bloody days with a headache.

Sometimes, I don't know which is worse: the Headaches or the Depression.  The Depression sure makes you think less pretty things than knitting swaps when you have a Headache;  that's for certain.  And both have shelved gift wrapping for today.

For the longest time, Daughter wanted to go to Japan to teach English.  Our lives became somewhat overrun with things Japanese: bento boxes, woodblock prints, tea ceremonies, cherry blossoms.

Yep.  Pink metallic boots with embroidered cherry blossoms.  You can find just about anything if you look long enough.


  1. Those boots are perfect for a tiny Japanese teenager to wear with her mini-skirt. And a big ol' cabled sweater. And tights.

  2. Love the Japanese style boots.
    Sorry about those headaches.. Ugh.

    I know I can't commit to a yearlong swap. I could fill in here or there about twice a year realistically.

  3. I could swap a few... the nice thing about this idea is regularity, and the ability to participate or not...


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